Directory of Contacts in Companies Using GoSquared Now Available on LeadFerret

Calling all control freaks! London based GoSquared just celebrated their 10th year of providing a mission control dashboard to track real-time user level analytics for websites and apps. This is truly a control freak’s dream, and it’s been said that there are a few control freaks amongst the ranks of small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. This combined with the fact that they offer a free tier makes it no surprise that they claim to have over 50,000 users around the world.

See the full directory at:

In honor of GoSquared 10th birthday, LeadFerret decided to create a specialty directory of contacts in companies using GoSquared. If your product or service is well suited for control freaks, and/or people who see value in tracking real-time user-level analytics on their site or within their apps, this could be an excellent directory for you. An of course, anyone with a competitive or complimentary product or service should find this directory valuable.

“Google analytics is great, but it’s not always enough”, says Forest Cassidy, CEO of LeadFerret. “I think we’ll see more and more interest in the convergence of web analytics and business operations dashboards or control centers in 2016. This is a big part of why we thought this directory would be relevant and worth building.”

About LeadFerret
LeadFerret, Inc offers an online B2B database containing business and social information on 30+ million companies and contacts, that can be accessed through the classic cloud-based data management platform, LeadFerret Enterprise, or the new LeadFerret API. Users can search and view all data for free, and only pay when they want to download records. Every record comes with complete information, including email address, phone number, company information, and much more. Many records now even come with social media links. For more information, go to:

Disclaimer: LeadFerret is in no way affiliated with or partnered with GoSquared.

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LeadFerret Releases Directory of WordPress Experts

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Known as one of the most popular blogging platforms used today–powering a quarter of new websites created daily–WordPress stands tall amongst its competitors. Started as a simple blogging project in 2003, WordPress evolved into an open source CMS (content management system) on the web, with amazing tools and features allowing users to have complete control over the free software. WordPress’s easy to use, do-it-yourself approach, with no coding required, gives users the flexibility to create a blog or website to their standards with innovative themes and plugins. WordPress experts found in this directory are men and women of the workforce who possess in- depth knowledge of WordPress, ranging from content management to backup and search engine optimization, regardless of the exact job title they have been assigned.

If you’re looking for experts that are serious about WordPress and all its belts and whistles, this directory should prove very useful. Whether you’re looking to make your company presence better known on the web, or seeking in-depth knowledge on WordPress functionality, this directory is a great starting point.

If you would like more detailed information on the qualifications of specific people listed here, please contact us at [email protected], or 866-535-3960.

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