Press Release: LeadFerret Adds Unique Quality Score Tool, and More

LeadFerret, the world’s first 100% free B2B database with complete information, including email addresses and social media links, has added a very unique quality search tool. Why is it so unique, and why are no other data sites offering a comparable tool?

Calabasas, CA (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

LeadFerret, the world’s first 100% free B2B database with complete information, including email addresses and social media links, has added many new search tools including one in particular that really stands out: Quality Score Search Tool.

It seems simple enough on the surface, but there is a good reason why it can never be found on any sites that sell data. Most reputable companies and sites that provide business data have some sort of accuracy score internally, or at least have some idea of which records have a high probability of accuracy (recently verified), and which do not. Of course they will not share this with their clients, because they SELL data, and if they let their clients know which record were the most accurate, those are the only records most of their clients would want.

Since data is free at LeadFerret, users pay the same whether they use all the data, or only the most accurate 10%: exactly zero dollars! So LeadFerret not only shares the accuracy score for every record with their users, which some other sites do, they also give their users a tool that allows them to set a threshold for the minimum quality score. Effectively searching by quality. The higher a user sets the bar, the better quality records will be returned, but there will be fewer of them. If a user sets the bar low, they will get more records, but they will be of lower quality on average. LeadFerret recommends setting the bar at 60 or above. If a user does not find the results they are looking for, or they would like to see more records in the results, they can simply lower the bar and search again.

Lisa, a LeadFerret user in New York, gives her outlook: “The transparency is refreshing. Sometimes I just want a small number of highly accurate contacts. Now I can get that in seconds on LeadFerret.”

LeadFerret also recently added the following additional search tools:

1) Search by predetermined departments and title types.

2) Search by title level: Sub-manager, Manager, Director, VP, and C-level.

3) How to apply search criteria: Exact, Starts With, Ends With, Includes, and Exclude.

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