Press Release: LeadFerret Adds Direct Dial Phone Numbers

Check out our latest press release on our new Direct Dial Phone Number search too:

Premium subscribers can search our 10 million+ record database and pinpoint only records with confirmed direct dial phone numbers. That means no gate keepers, no IVR hell, calls either go directly to the person, or to their voice mail.

You can also search by confirmed company phone numbers.  This does not offer all the benefits of direct dial phone numbers, in fact we know that the phone number is the main line for the company or location, not a direct dial phone number, but it does tell you that the phone number has been verified as accurate.

Here is a quick video on how to use the new direct dial phone number search tool:

Again, this tool is only available to premium subscribers, but we fell it is really a great resource for instantly creating super powerful telemarketing lists, telesales lists, and cold call lists, all for as little as $20 a month.

If you run a call centers or inside sales team, you would be crazy not to give these direct dials a try and see how productivity increases as a result.  It makes perfect sense: spend less time navigating to the decision makers, and that leaves more time to spend talking to them.

Other data providers that offer direct dial information charge outrageous fees, and/or don’t allow clients to search for and find only records with confirmed direct dial phone numbers. They simply tell clients that they should expect 20 or 30 or 40% of the list to be direct dials. We now allow premium subscribers to search for and find records specifically identified and confirmed as direct dial phone numbers.

Sign up for a premium subscription today and give it a try.  Subscriptions start at as little as $20 a month, and you can cancel at any time.


  • Marcus

    This is awesome. You guys keep getting better and better!

  • frankie

    You guys are so much better than NetProspex. Glad I switched over a few months back. You keep blowing them out of the water.

  • Sarah Shelby

    In a year, everyone will be featuring this kind of stuff. Props to you guys.

  • tracy perkins

    Thank goodness! I hate talking to receptionists, or worse, dial by name directories! They a major time suck. Especially the voice activated ones. I swear, they never understand me. I find myself yelling names into the phone like a crazy person!