One Time Point Purchases

LeadFerret Premium subscribers can now make one time point purchases. What does this mean?  It’s simple: let’s say you have a basic month subscription with LeadFerret, which gives you 200 points per month for $20. Again, one point allows you to download one record to spreadsheet, so 200 points allows you to download 200 records of your choosing to spreadsheet.  200 records/leads a month might work fine for you most months, but what if one month you want to download a couple thousand records for a campaign you are running or an event you are putting on.  What are your options?  Well, now you can make a one time purchase to get just the points your need for that particular campaign or event, and still maintain your current subscriptions.  It’s that simple, just the points you need when you need them.

Here is what you need to do:

1) Create a free account, if you do not already have one, and log in.

2) Sign up for one of our premium subscription plans, which start as low as $20 a month.  For security reasons (to prevent fraud), you must have a premium subscription to be able to make one time purchases of points.

3) To further protect against fraud, your account must be “verified” to be able to make one time purchases.  To verify your account, please simply email us at [email protected], or call us at 818-392-4303 requesting that we verify your account.  We will review your account and if everything checks out we will update your account to verified status, and you will then be able to make one-time purchases. It sounds complicated, but it is really actually pretty simple, it should only take a couple minutes to have your account verified, and you only have to do this one time and then you can make as many one time purchases as you would like. I know, it’s a pain, but we appreciate you helping us prevent fraud on

4) Now you can click on the “Buy Points” tab, follow the instructions on the screen, and purchase as many points as you’d like with Paypal or credit card.

Here is a quick video that takes you through all of the steps and requirements:


  • Patrick Lewis

    I’ve just found Leadferret and I am happy to have found something that I can grow with the more growth my business has as a result of Leadferret the more I can invest in Leadferret. Startups are always hard and money is tight so this could be perfect for me am looking forward to seeing how well it works.