New Search Tools

We’ve added several new search tools to the primary (contact) search page, and wanted to explain them to to our users:

1) You can now search by one or more departments / title types.  This is similar to searching the title by keyword, but faster, and we’ve already done a lot of the work for you.  For example, within the IT department we’ve already identified all of the different titles based on dozens of keywords, removed false positives, and added the appropriate records to this department.

2) You can now search by title level as well.  Typically Sub-manager level contacts report to Manager, Managers report to Directors, Directors report to VPs, and VPs report to C-level contacts.  Using title levels you can select contacts based on decision making authority and hierarchy.

3) For most fields you can now select how you would like to apply your search criteria. Here is a summary of each search option:

  • Exact:  This is the fastest search option, and will return the fewest results, only those that match the text you have entered exactly.
  • Starts With:  This is the next fastest search option, and will return a few more results results, only those records that begin with the text you have entered.  Records that match exactly will be included as well.
  • Ends With:  This search option is similar to the “Starts With” option in speed, but will only return those records that end with the text you have entered. Records that match exactly will be included as well.
  • Includes: This search is much slower, and will return more results.  It will return all records that include the characters you have specified.  All records included that would be included in the “Exact” search, the “Starts With” search, and the “Ends With” search.
  • Exclude:  This search is also slower and, and will return results that do not include the characters that you have entered.  Typically the “exclude” option will be most useful when other criteria are entered into other search fields.

4) The Minimum Quality Score slider is a truly unique tool.  Most reputable companies and sites that provide business data have some sort of accuracy score, or at least have some idea of which records have a high probability of accuracy (recently verified), and which do not.  Of course they will not share this with their clients, because they SELL data, and if they let their clients know which record were the most accurate, those are the only records most of their clients would want.  Since data is free at LeadFerret, you pay the same whether you use all the data, or only the most accurate 10%: exactly zero dollars!  So we not only share the accuracy score for every record with you, we also give you this great tool that allows you to set a threshold for the minimum quality score. The higher you set the bar, the better quality records will be returned, but there will be fewer of them. If you set the bar low, you will get more records, but they will be of lower quality on average. We recommend setting the bar at 60 or above. If you do not find the results you are looking for ,or you would like to see more records in the results, lower the bar and search again.

5)  Users still have the option to search by company related fields, like Company Name, address, SIC, etc. on the contact search tab (default search tab), but now by default this section is hidden.  Just click on “(Optional, Click Here to Expand + )” and all company search fields will be visible.

6) Our Search by Radius tool is another great tool, especially for localized businesses and reps, and when building a list of events.  Just like with the company search fields, this tool is now hidden by default.  Just click on “(Optional, Click Here to Expand + )” and the Search by Radius tool will be visible.

Please email [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding these new tools.


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