New Feature: Exclude Records from Search

LeadFerret users can now run searches excluding records they have already downloaded or added to their target contact list. As simple as checking the box next to “Exclude Targeted Contacts”, or “Exclude Contacts In My CSV”, as seen in this video:

  • Ed

    Once again, you guys are really proactive with fixing minor annoyances on your site. Thanks!

  • Phil

    Thanks for not pulling a google and stripping features, but instead adding them.

    (Clearly I am still upset about the google reader thing)

  • Dean Frank

    I’ll have to test this out, thanks!

  • leslie harris

    This will be great for when I do really specialized searches and want to see if anyone new has been added to your database!

  • Frankie G.B.


  • Helen

    I’m still angry about the greader stuff too, but I’m pretty sure it’s not related to this?

    Anyway, thanks for another cool feature.

  • John

    Neat, thanks.