LeadFerret Unveils Enterprise Version of Their Popular B2BData Management Platform

LeadFerret is officially unveiling the new Enterprise version of their data management platform, LeadFerret Enterprise, at DMA 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts today. Historically, tools designed to keep sales, marketing, and management all on the same page have only focused on data already in your CRM or marking automation solution, but actual data acquisition and research on companies and contacts to be targeted has been disjointed and often redundant. LeadFerret Enterprise changes that by allowing all parties to coordinate data acquisition prior to it actually being acquitted.

There are already thousands of companies with dozens to hundreds of independently function individual LeadFerret accounts. These individual account could easily be researching and acquiring the same data, completely disjointed from one another, and with no control from management. Now these accounts can be linked to a common administrativeaccount, never pay for the same records twice, be assigned territories, have company-wide suppression lists automatically applied, and take advantage of many other tools to make their collective efforts more fruitful and coordinated. Sales teams can be empowered to build lists of target prospects they would like to have included in marketing campaigns, and upper management can have the piece of mind to know that they now have the ability to apply any desired filters to companies and contacts that their sales and marketing teams are researching and acquiring from the LeadFerret database. It’s a win-win for everyone, and with a single master subscription the company can achieve reduced volume pricing.

Project Lead and Senior Developer, Thor Melsted, explains, “To me, LeadFerret Enterprise equals synergy. Teams can now collaborate in an organized way, with a team leader who oversees their targets and can help them quickly meet their goals without wasting resources or time. One major issue teams can face is overlapping results, where more than one team member unknowingly purchases the same contact. With LeadFerret Enterprise, you won’t be re-billed for a contact if your teammate already has. One team, one charge. This one feature alone makes Enterprise pay for itself. Also, by overseeing a group of users, rather than having each one operating in isolation, is an invaluable asset, as you can be much more efficient and organized. You can directly limit the scope of your team members’ search parameters, like regions or industry types or minimum company size or even something as specific as a smartphone preference, then give them free reign to search within that scope.”

LeadFerret Enterprise has been designed to give users all the features and functionality that they already enjoy with their individual accounts, with the added benefit of collaboration. In fact, companies that already have multiple individual accounts can create an enterprise group and connect existing accounts in just a few clicks.

The LeadFerret team will be demoing LeadFerret Enterprise at booth 1053 of DMA’s &THEN event in Boston, MA October 5th through the 6th.

About LeadFerret
LeadFerret brings together the best of traditional business information and detailed data from hundreds of millions of social media profiles. Users can now access complete contact information, including email addresses, phone numbers, and social media profiles, through LeadFerret’s traditional cloud-based data management platform, LeadFerret Enterprise (for teams), or the new LeadFerret API. All users can search and view all data for free, and only pay when they choose records they would like to download or export. For more information, go to: http://www.LeadFerret.com