LeadFerret Unveils Directory of Professionals Who Work In Internet Companies

See the directory here:  http://leadferret.com/directory/internet-companies-directory

Internet companies are companies whose primary product or service is or comes from a website, and whose main source of revenue is from online activity. While most companies have an online presence, that alone is not enough to have them, for the purposes of this directory, to be labeled as an internet company.

Many companies are now coming to realize that the online marketplace should be their main source of income. While having a storefront may work for certain markets, such as supermarkets, but most for most, an online presence is where they can thrive. These companies all self-label as internet companies, which means they recognize the changing shift in the retail economy, and want to maintain their position on the cutting edge.

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  • Debbie

    They keep saying we’re having another internet boom, so this list is super handy.

  • Kevin M

    Solid list. Thanks, bro!