LeadFerret Unveils a Directory of MATLAB Experts

MATLAB (short for MATrix LABoratory) is a multi-paradigm numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language built up around vectors and matrices. MATLAB is widely used in all areas of applied mathematics, in education and research at universities, and in the professional environment. While particularly useful for linear algebra, MATLAB is also a great tool for solving algebraic and differential equations and for numerical integration. MATLAB has powerful graphic tools and can produce professional looking pictures in both 2D and 3D. Additionally, MATLAB is a programming language, and is considered to be one of the easiest programming languages for writing mathematical programs. MATLAB also has some tool boxes useful for signal processing, image processing, optimization, and more.

Access the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/matlab-experts

While the application of MATLAB is vast, the number of people who could be considered experts in it are pulled from a far narrower field. For that reason, being able to identify and target people with MATLAB expertise becomes far more valuable. Knowing this, LeadFerret has compiled a directory of men and women who have reported or demonstrated expertise in MATLAB. LeadFerret users will be able to make the most of this directory, by having access to the most valuable prospects, with complete information, including email addresses, social media links and more, making it easier to develop marketing campaigns that target people with the right skills, who work with the right programs, and who hold the right knowledge.