LeadFerret Releases Directory of Software Developers

According to CNNMoney, software developer is the #9 job in America. With competitive pay, a challenging work environment, and a technology boom that thus far seems to have no end in sight, software developers have excellent career opportunities. And in this high tech world, their work is everywhere, from smartphone apps to web browsers to payroll programs, every software program used was developed by a software developer.

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/software-developers

You’re using some kind of software to read this press release right now. Software developers effect our lives more than we realize, and being able to contact so many of them could be an awesome part of your next marketing campaign.

Skills Held By Those In This Directory of Software Developers:
>Solving Problems
>User Experience
>Clear Comprehension of Programming Languages ( I.e, Java C++ PHP, HTML5, CSS )
>Software Maintenance
>Brains Behind Design Elements
>System Architecture
>Mentoring of Junior Developers
and many more…

If you would like more detailed information on the qualifications of specific people listed here, please contact us at [email protected], or 866-535-3960