LeadFerret Releases a Directory of Contacts in Companies using New Relic Technology

New Relic is a software analytics company that uses the SaaS (software as a service) model to monitor Web and mobile applications using click streams, mobile activity, end user experiences and transactions. With customers ranging from YP.com to RunKeeper to Condé Nast to Groupon, New Relic’s client case is broad and many of their customers are already highly successful.  But that doesn’t stop the need for improvement and the desire for further customer acquisition. As described by tutsplus.com, “New Relic is a managed service (SaaS) that you ‘plug in’ to your web app, which collects and aggregates performance metrics of your live web application. The information it provides can help you find answers to questions like: Is my website slow? Who is it slow for? Where is it slow exactly? Do we need more, or bigger servers? What can we do to improve things?”

Companies using New Relic are putting energy into monitoring the usage of both their website and mobile applications, which means they’re also likely to be interested in other solutions, tools, and services that help with conversion.  For this reason, LeadFerret has put together a directory of companies that use New Relic, making it the perfect marketing starting point for companies that offer any type of website and mobile analytics, since the companies using New Relic are already on board with those types of solutions. New and existing LeadFerret users will be able to make the most of this directory, by having access to valuable prospects, with complete information, including email addresses, social media links and more, making it easier to develop more targeted marketing campaigns.

See the full directory at: https://leadferret.com/directory/new-relic-companies

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