LeadFerret Released Microsoft PowerPoint Experts Directory

Microsoft officially launched PowerPoint, the groundbreaking presentation software, in 1990. Today, according to Microsoft.com, PowerPoint has close to a 95% market share and is installed in more than one billion computers. PowerPoint remains one of the most useful tools any one can use to inform, entertain and persuade other people. But when used improperly, either by someone who lacks the basic skills or by someone who doesn’t know how to effectively use it based on the desired end result, it can trigger mass frustration and fatigue in whatever environment it’s being used in. The skills needed to create good PowerPoint presentations—strong design, appropriate branding, concise content, well-placed visuals, and proofread copy—are the same skills that make or break a digital marketing campaign.

Access the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/microsoft-powerpoint-experts

LeadFerret, the newly funded free b2b data site, regularly publishes highly targeted directories of business professionals who work in specific fields or who demonstrate expertise in specific skills or programs.  These directories contain contact information for the professionals within, including email addresses, social media links, the standard address and telephone number, and more. Today, LeadFerret published their latest of these highly targeted directories, one of professionals who have been identified as Microsoft Project Experts. Being able to specifically target people who have expertise in Microsoft PowerPoint, or one of the many other skillsets LeadFerret offers in their targeted directories, can greatly improve a marketing campaign.  Not only does it allow for ease of marketing specific products or services that compliment or compete with Microsoft PowerPower, but it also allows LeadFerret uses to target skills like design, and being able to write concise copy, that might have otherwise been hard to target in a marketing campaign.

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