LeadFerret Publishes Directory of SharePoint Professionals

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/sharepoint-professionals

With customers frequently changing where and how they access their information–from work, home, and on the go–Microsoft developed a solution known as SharePoint, a browser-based collaboration and document management platform that gives working professionals the ability to create, share, edit, and store documents in one central location. This gives business owners the ability to control where and how they do business, maintaining a level of flexibility desired by many in the business world. This directory is full of men and women who have extensive knowledge of and competency with SharePoint, including SharePoint administrators, developers and architects.

Companies who use SharePoint are usually ahead of the technology curve, which can be a desirable trait in potential customers. This directory is especially useful for companies that have a solution that is complimentary to, competitive with, or integrated with SharePoint.

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