LeadFerret Posts Directory of Contacts at Companies using TYPO3

According to cmscrawler.com TYPO3 is the 4th most common content management solution (CMS) on the planet, with over 300k deployments, behind only Joomla!, Drupal, and WordPress. They are also uniquely positioned in the way they specifically appeal to enterprise scalability, while remaining open source. The original TYPO3 was created by Dane Kasper Skårhøj in 1997 in Germany, so it makes sense that the platform is especially popular amongst German companies, and Europe as a whole, but is has also been localized into over 50 different languages.

See the full directory at: https://leadferret.com/directory/companies-using-typo3

TYPO3 prides itself in it flexibility and expandability. Built on the GNU General Public License and capable or running on numerous web servers, like Apache and IIS, on many operating systems, like Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and OS/2. There are also over 1200 extensions and nearly 10k features that help TYPO3 live up to it’s flexible and expandable reputation.

Anyone who has a complementary or competitive solution, service, or product should find this directory very useful.

Here are a few industry leading companies found in this directory:
Dassault Systèmes
Creighton University
Avago Technologies
.. and many more
This directory was compiled in part based on information found at typo3.org, wikipedia.org, and cmscrawler.com.

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