LeadFerret Makes B2B Data Available Through API

LeadFerret developed their API so that anyone could leverage the power of LeadFerret data directly for their own needs, or by incorporating it into a third party solution or mobile app, all within LeadFerret’s freemium business model, paying only when downloading premium data fields.  Any of the hundreds of thousands of existing LeadFerret user can utilize the API, they simply need to request that it be activated for their account, and new users simply need to set up a free LeadFerret account and email [email protected] to gain access to the API.

The API is currently in alpha version and while it is intended to give users all of the search functionality available on the LeadFerret.com website eventually, some of this search functionality is not yet available through the API.

The LeadFerret API can be used to: unearth new prospects, verify and supplement existing data sets, improve the breadth, depth, and quality of exiting data, integrate LeadFerret data into other applications, or as a data source for list/data resellers and brokers.

For more information on the LeadFerret API see: https://leadferret.com/public/info/api

For detailed technical documentation, see: http://docs.leadferretuser.apiary.io/

Set up a free account at leadferret.com (if you do not already have one), and email [email protected] to gain access to the API.

About LeadFerret
LeadFerret, Inc offers an online B2B database containing business and
social information on 30+ million companies and contacts, that can be accessed through the classic cloud-based data management platform, LeadFerret Enterprise, or the new LeadFerret API.  Users can search and view all data for free, and only pay when they want to download records. Every record comes with complete information, including email address, phone number, company information, and much more. Many records now even come with social media links.  For more information, go to: http://www.LeadFerret.com