LeadFerret Launches Directory of Hospitality Industry Professionals

Once seen as experiencing a slump in the job market, the hospitality industry is looking up. With an increased demand for construction of hotels and resorts worldwide, business leaders will be pleased to find even more choice and variety when it comes to their travel accommodations. Working with the corporate world allows the hospitality industry more opportunities for business, and allows those involved in business the ability to plan business meetings outside the regular office environment. Hospitality industry professionals cater to high volumes of operations within Retail, Restaurants, Travel, Hotels and Resorts. These professionals keep it simple by offering an incredible experience in away from one’s usual home or office.

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/hospitality-industry-professionals

We’ve compiled a directory of people who identify themselves as Hospitality Industry Professionals, who have experience within the hospitality industry. This directory is useful for anyone looking to pitch ideas, or market a product specific to the skill set of Hospitality Professionals, or find some other value in their expertise.

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