LeadFerret Free B2B Database Now Over 6 Million Records!

We’ve added another 1 million+ records to our revolutionary 100% free B2B database. If you’re already using LeadFerret, you know every record includes email addresses, and many records now include links to social media profiles.

Our team continues to work relentlessly around the clock to reach 20 million+ records by the end of 2012 and make LeadFerret the undisputed world leader in free online B2B information.

We are also adding tens of thousands of new social media links every day.  This means when you find a prospect on LeadFerret there is a good chance you’ll also find a link to their Linkedin , and/or Facebook, and/or Twitter profile.

Stay tuned and tell everyone you know about LeadFerret.  We appreciate the feedback and support.

  • Rodney Nottingham

    I am so thrilled with Lead Ferret you should check it out and use it.

  • http://www.scienceofyouthfulaging.com/burkhart Patti

    I’m anxious to see some free points by the end of today. Cool concept. Thank you!

  • http://www.meetingsolutions.ca Susan Ross

    Ambitious goals, and it will definately be of benefit to me and everyone else who is a member!

  • tony

    Very nice site and look forward to seeing it grow in the future. Thank you for the hard work putting it together.