LeadFerret Drops Directory of Music Industry Professionals

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According to Schopenhauer, The effect of music is so very much more powerful and penetrating than is that of the other arts, for these others speak only of the shadow, but music of the essence. The music industry is booming, bringing in over $16 billion in 2012 alone. From guitar manufacturers to record executives, the industry is as wide as it is deep, especially now, with such an emphasis both on live music and digital sales.

While, admittedly, the music industry hasn’t been increasing its market share at the rapid pace it was in the nineties, it’s still a multi-billion dollar industry, and will always have a place in the world. Where there’s money, there’s money to be made. And there’s still billions of dollars in the music industry.

Some Top Music Companies Include:
>Universal Music Group
>Sony Music Entertainment
>Warner Music Group
>Live Nation
and many more…

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