LeadFerret Co-Founder Forest Cassidy to Pitch at Startup Conference 2012

From 70 applicants LeadFerret has been selected as 1 of 7 startups to pitch at the Startup Conference 2012 in Mountain View this Wednesday (5/2/2012). Come check it out.

Co-Founder Forest Cassidy will deliver a 60 second pitch in front of Dave McClure of 500Startups, Thomas Korte of Angelpad, and 600+ attendees on the main stage, inside the Center for the Performing Arts.

More details about the pitch competition


For more information on the event:


LeadFerret will also be demoing our site throughout the day in the startup Village:


LeadFerret will be giving 200 points (downloads) to anyone that comes to our booth, then goes to LeadFerret.com, creates a free account, and puts “startup village” in the referrer field.  That means you can download complete data for 200 records (emails, phone, social links, etc.).  Imagine if you could download complete information for any 200 contacts from the most popular business social network, without having to ask them to connect with you or join your network?  Totally free, no catch, and great for sales people, recruiters, and startups!