LeadFerret Builds Directory of NoSQL Experts

NoSQL databases where born and evolved as an answer to challenges posed by big data. Companies like Facebook and Google discovered NoSQL when they realized traditional relational could not handle the huge volumes of data they were processing. The drawbacks of the NoSQL systems include a lack of schema and data consistency, difficulty in testing and maintaining, and absence of a structured query language. Despite this, the upside when processing big data is significant enough that companies like Cisco, SAP, Adobe, Verizon, Metlife, Nokia, and many many others have adopted the technology.

According to db-engines.com, 7 of the top 10 database technologies are still relational, but MogoDB, Cassandra and Redis have cracked the top 10 and are gaining ground.

The professionals found in this directory have all reported and/or demonstrated knowledge of one or more NoSQL technologies, such as MongoDB, Cassandra, MarkLogic, Datastax, Couchbase, or Redis. Anyone looking for a NOSQL expert, might find this directory useful. Also, anyone with a product, service, or solution that is especially useful for NoSQL professionals, should find this directory to be an excellent source of prospects.

See the full directory at: https://leadferret.com/directory/nosql-experts

This directory was compiled in part based on information found at experfy.com, wikipedia.org, planetcassandra.org, toadworld.com, techrepublic.com, and improgrammer.net.

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