LeadFerret Announces the Release of a Directory of Contract Negotiation Experts

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/contract-negotiation-experts

While there are hundreds of books, websites, articles, and white pages about how to best negotiate a contract, in the words of Chester L. Karrass, ‘In business, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.’ When it comes down to risks and revenues — the two essential factors in any business negotiation — sometimes it’s best left to the experts.  The field of contract negotiations is comprised of people who are concise, detail oriented, eloquent, aggressively fair, and who are skilled at balancing reasonable expectations with liabilities and risks. In the same way that it is not always prudent to represent oneself in a court of law, it is similarly not always prudent to represent oneself in contract negotiations. Hiring an expert–someone for whom there is no personal entanglement in the corporations and people involved or the outcome, and thus will move forward using facts, not feelings–is often the best course of action.

A good contract negotiator wants to leave as little as possible on the table, but still make the deal happen. People typically either love contract negotiation, or hate it; and often times what side they’re on can tell you a lot about them.  Personally, I’d always prefer to build a team of people who thrive on contract negotiation. So, this directory of people who have reported and/or demonstrated an expertise in contract negotiation could be a good place to start when looking to build your next team, or they might be the individuals whose personality is in tune with your marketing message.

This directory is a great resource for anyone looking to market to contract negotiation experts specifically, or for anyone who wants their marketing to focus on people in the corporate contracts field in general. It would also be useful to working professionals looking to add contract negotiation experts to their team for a negotiation, or for the long term. LeadFerret users will be able to make the most of this directory, by having access to the most valuable prospects, with complete information, including email addresses, social media links and more, making it easier to develop marketing campaigns.

If you would like more detailed information on the qualifications of specific people listed here, please contact us at [email protected], or 866-535-3960.