LeadFerret Announces Directory of SQL Certified Professionals

See the full directory at: http://leadferret.com/directory/sql-certified-professionals

Structure Query Language, commonly referred to as SQL, became a standard programming language in 1986. Over the past twenty seven years the language has been enhanced multiple times with added features, and continues to be the mostly widely used database language. While the correct pronunciation of “SQL” is hotly debated within the database community, the value of the language is agreed upon by all. SQL Certified Professionals are the men and women of the workforce who possess in-depth knowledge of SQL, ranging from database programmers to administrators to business owners. These professionals house a skill set as valuable as the SQL programming language itself. Based on day-to-day issues that need to be addressed, as well as a company’s long term goals, SQL Certified Professionals are likely to have excellent problem solving skills, in addition to their being tech savvy. They are masters in their respective fields, and are required to stay on top of current trends in technology. As databases become more ubiquitous in the business world, most companies have at least one employee whose main job is dealing with the internal database, and thus, likely having experience with and an understanding of SQL.

We live in a Big Data world more and more every day, which makes SQL, and all its variations, core to business success. Many of the people found in this directory are, and will continue to be, on the cutting edge of database and Big Data management. Users will find key new team members, clients, partners, etc. in the directory.

If you would like more detailed information on the qualifications of specific people listed here, please contact us at [email protected], or 866-535-3960.