LeadFerret Adds Gravatars

When viewing contact details, you can now see a picture, image, or avatar for any contacts that has registered with gravatar.com.  It’s a relatively small percentage of records that have images available at this time,and of course we are matching by email, so they will need to have registered with Gravatar using the same email that we have in our database, but the percentage of records that have an image should keep growing as Gravatar’s database grows.

Here is what it looks like when you find a record match found at gravatar.com:

Search LeadFerret.com for “Jim Cahill” to see this record live.

Again, these are images that this person has actually chosen to be used universally as their avatar/image, and since they can choose whatever image they want, you many occasionally see a strange image, or a kitten, robot, etc.