LeadFerret Adds Free Social Network Links

In another first, LeadFerret users now have access to social network links for a small but growing number of business contacts, also completely free.

It’s very simple, users search for and find the business contacts they need, and now they will not only get information like phone number, title, email addresses, etc., but they will also be able to link directly to that contacts Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin profiles, when available. This is information that is typically sold for a premium, but in true LeadFerret fashion, users can now utilize this incredibly valuable resource completely free of charge.

“This is just another step towards our goal to give our users the absolute best possible free business data resource on the planet.” says Co-Founder Forest Cassidy.

“I’ve been amazed with what you guys [LeadFerret] have been offering for free from day one.” Says James P. of San Jose, CA, an avid Leadferret user. James goes on to say: “When I saw I could now find a sales prospect and not only email them and call them using the information in your site, but also link directly to their social profiles to quickly get real information on them that will help me pitch and close them, it completely blew my mind.”

LeadFerret is still in beta mode, and does state that only a relatively small number of contacts in their database have links to social profiles now, but this number will be growing rapidly in the coming months, making the site that much more valuable.