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The World Intellectual Property Organization states that “patented inventions have…pervaded every aspect of human life, from electric lighting (patents held by Edison and Swan) and plastic (patents held by Baekeland), to ballpoint pens (patents held by Biro) and microprocessors (patents held by Intel, for example).”

“The U.S. government has issued 6.5+ million patents since they started in 1790, over two hundred years ago,” Forest Cassidy, Co-Founder of LeadFerret explains. “Thomas Edison reportedly held over 1,093 patents alone. While he isn’t included in our database, over 7,000 other patent holders are, many of whom display levels of creativity and out of the box thinking often associated with Edison.”

The contacts in this directory are all confirmed patent holders, making this list a great resource for anyone who sells to inventors, entrepreneurs, or scientists. It’s also valuable to recruiters, and companies who need someone familiar with the patent process.

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