Download Contacts Faster

Due to an overwhelming number of requests from our users, we’ve made it easier to quickly add contacts to your CSV spreadsheet and download them.  You no longer have to view the details for each contact that you want to download.

This video walks you through the steps:

We think you’ll find it very straight forward and easy to follow.  After watching this short video, you’ll be using your points and downloading contacts in no time.

Of course you will need 1 point for each contact you want to download, so you’ll want to  read about all of the ways that you can earn points at:


Here are the basic steps to add contacts to your CSV spreadsheet and download them, so you don’t have to refer back to the video if you forget one step:

1) Log in
2) Create a list of target contacts, if you do not already have one
3) Go to your target contact list (My Stuff – Target Contacts)
4) In the far right column, click “Add to CSV” for each record you would like to add to your spreadsheet. There is also a button at the bottom: “Add all to CSV”, which you can use to add all contacts on this page of your target contacts list to your spreadsheet, if you have enough points.
5) Go to “My Stuff – Download your Spread-sheet” and click on “Export to CSV”. This will download a spreadsheet with ALL of the contacts you have EVER used points to purchase, download, or “add to CSV”.

Feedback is appreciated, let us know what you think of this new process.