Cloud Computing Professionals Database Released by LeadFerret

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Cloud computing simply means that what would typically be hosted on an individual’s computer (email, documents, programs, servers, etc) can now be hosted over a network (typically the internet) via computer desktop or mobile app while the actual software and data is stored offsite, in a remote location, usually owned and maintained by a separate company.

This is terrifically useful for granting company-wide access to software, and for companies looking to save money on computer and server maintenance cost and hassles. As device after device goes wireless, now so do companies, allowing employees to work, untethered from their desks, wherever there is internet access, since access to the internet is access to cloud computing. Cloud computing is the next frontier of how people will do business, so even companies that don’t necessarily need to seek out people who deal with cloud computing can still benefit from this list simply because these are people within companies who are investing in their company, who are paying attention to what is happening in the business world, and who are on the cutting edge of technology.

Ways These Contacts Are Involved InĀ Cloud Computing:
> Develop cloud computing solutions (i.e. programmers/engineers)
> Maintain cloud computing solutions (i.e. system admins)
> Senior management at cloud computing companies
> Sell cloud computing solutions
> Consulting surrounding cloud computing services
> Market cloud computing solutions
> and in various other ways

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