LeadFerret Records Directory of Contacts at Electronic Health Record (EHR) Companies

Electronic Health Record solution providers are companies that develop software for managing information on patients, including, but not limited to medical history, allergies, immunizations, lab test results, age, height, weight, and much more. These companies are both part of the high tech space, and part of the health care space. They also have to be certified by the federal government, and work within a highly regulated space. They are building solutions that not only have their own set of regulations, but that need to address the needs of their clients who function in a more and more regulated environment. Twenty years ago most medical records were still kept in hard copy, today most major healthcare providers, and even small medial practices depend on these systems. This makes for explosive growth within this niche space, but also a break-neck evolutionary pace and numerous pitfalls. As a result, many experts predict considerable consolidation in the coming years as some of the 500+ currently federally certified EHR companies thrive while others fall victim to regulatory pitfalls and the natural course of an emerging industry.

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This directory gives users an inside look at not just the companies in this space, but also the key executives within those companies, and of course comes with all their contact information. It’s been said that chaos equals opportunity, and if that is in fact the case, then there should be plenty of opportunity within the companies in this directory. As with all the specialty directories on LeadFerret, anyone with a complimentary product, solution, or service should also find value in this directory.

LeadFerret CEO Forest Cassidy explains: “These companies are trying to solve the oxymoron of making essential information available in situations that could be a matter of life or death, while also keeping this information private. With the government looking over their shoulder saying you can’t just try to accomplish these two things, you must accomplish these two things, 100% of the time, or face consequences, and probably cease to exist. Another example of how we ask software, which is imperfect by nature, to be perfect.”

This directory was compiled in part based on information found at modernmedicine.com and healthit.gov.

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