21 Ways to Finish Your Week on a Positive Note

Work can sometimes be overwhelming? With only 24 hours in a work day and a variety of responsibilities we tend to forget the little things in life. Here are 21 great ways to finish your work week on a positive note.

  1. Thank someone who has helped you this week.
  2. Compliment a team member who did a good job.
  3. Call someone who you have been meaning to reach out to.
  4. Read that book for 15 minutes.
  5. Finish an important project.
  6. Complete a task ahead of schedule.
  7. Clean your workspace or desk. (You’ll start Monday on a positive note, too!)
  8. Do one last task that you weren’t going to do. The extra few minutes will pay off in peace of mind and your sense of accomplishment.
  9. Workout before the weekend.
  10. Help someone else who is having difficulty closing their week.
  11. Say hello to the person you have wanted to meet.
  12. Look at your calendar for the coming week to avoid any surprises.
  13. Empty your inbox to zero.
  14. Review your todo list for any tasks you may have forgotten.
  15. Apologize to someone you may have wronged this week.
  16. Ask one of your team members how they are doing. Then listen.
  17. Be thankful for what you have.
  18. Write in your journal.
  19. Plan for the future.
  20. Tell someone that you care about them.
  21. Pay it forward. Something. Anything.

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