How to Search by Geographic Radius on LeadFerret




Interested in searching for business contacts by geographic location? Check out our handy-dandy geographic radius feature!

Simply go to section 9 on the search page titled “Radius” and enter the zipcode and radius miles and your results will always include companies within the number of miles specified from the center zip code.

For more information, take a look at our tutorial:

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How to Download Business Contacts to CSV file





Are you ready to use your points to download some contacts? There’s a couple of ways you can download contacts to CSV file. Go to Dashboard> Download Spreadsheet and select from the following three options: Download All Records, Records Previously Downloaded, or Records That Have Not Been Downloaded.

In this tutorial we will go over how to download contacts to a CSV file in more details. See link:

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How to Earn Free Points on LeadFerret

how to earn free points.



This tutorial shows you how to earn free points towards your LeadFerret account!  For more detailed information, go to

From liking us on Facebook to following us on Twitter, LeadFerret makes it easy to earn free points which are used to download individual contacts with complete information.  See video:





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