2013 Sales Growth Webinars: 2 of 5

LeadFerret is putting on a series of Webinars to kick off 2013 in partnership with SalesNexus. Tomorrow will be Webinar #2 in the series of 5.  It’s not too late to register for this free Webinar, if you have not already done so. Hundreds of LeadFerret users showed up to last week’s Webinar, which was the first in a series of 5. We hope to “see” just as many of you there this week as we explore how you can and leverage custom pain to close deals.

If the missed the first Webinar last week, don’t worry, you can still get tons of value from the remaining 4 in the series. You could also watch the recorded version of last week’s Webinar and find out more about the full Webinar series at:  2013 Sales Growth Webinars.

Webinar 2 of 5: “Building a Successful Marketing and Sales Process by Identifying Your Customer’s Pain”
Date: Wednesday, January 23th —- That’s tomorrow!
Time: 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific
Register herehttps://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/380467744

Be sure to register today. If you can’t attend on the day of the event, no worries! Just sign up anyway and we’ll email you a link to a video recording shortly after the live even is completed.

Again, be sure to see all 5 of our 2013 Sales Growth Webinars.

  • Stan

    Thanks for the heads up! Signing up for it now.

  • Ruthie

    Crud, it looks like I already missed the first one. Do I need to have been part of the first one to understand the second one?

  • Mary

    Looks like a great way to kick off 2013. See you tomorrow!

  • Marcus

    I’m signed up. Cool cool.

  • Adalyn

    Looking forward to it.

  • Cynthia

    Just signed up!

    See you tomorrow.

  • Edward

    Last week’s was awesome.

  • Dean

    Looking forward to it.

  • Frank

    Putting this on my calendar right now!

  • Phil

    SIgned up!