Crowdfunding Startup Contest

We’ve entered the startup competition at, and we need your vote. It’s extremely easy, it’ll only take 30 seconds or so, and we’ll give you 100 points in exchange (good for 100 contact record downloads).

Vote Here:

Simply click on the “I Would Invest” button. Don’t worry, you’re not obligated to actually invest, it is just a vote for LeadFerret.  After you vote, just email us at [email protected], and we will add the 100 points to your account.

Our goal is to make LeadFerret the absolute best free business data resource on the planet, and we are currently actively looking for investors to help us accomplish that. Your votes could give us the opportunities to pitch live to potential investors at the CrowdStart LA Startup Competition (

Thank you, and please let us know if you have any questions.

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YouTube Video Contest: Promote Yourself and Win 1,000 Points

We have officially launched our YouTube video testimonial contest.  Enter to win 1,000 points, good for 1,000 downloads.  Everyone that enters gets 100 points.

It’s easy, this is all you have to do to enter:

1) Turn on your webcam, flipcam, or digital camera with video recording capability.

2) Record a short video of yourself talking about how you use LeadFerret, why you love LeadFerret, and what your business does (promote your biz). It can be funny, informative, or serious, as long as it’s PG-13.

3) Upload the video to and email me the link.  Be sure to put “LeadFerret” in the video title/name. (Need help uploading your video?: )

Here is a sample video for your amusement:

Everyone that submits a video will get 100 points, then we’ll choose at least 1 winner who will receive 1,000 points, a LeadFerret gift package (t-shirt + extras), and have their video featured prominently on the LeadFerret home page.  We average nearly 5k unique visitors every day, so this is a significant opportunity to promote your business. In case you have not been on LeadFerret in a while, with each point you can download 1 contact to vcard or spreadsheet.  In fact, we’ve recently made if easier for you to download contacts faster:

Entries must be received by June 20th, so just turn on your webcam and start recording now.  The winner will be announced on June 21st. Only one entry per LeadFerret account. All points will be distributed once the contest has closed.

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LeadFerret Adds Gravatars

When viewing contact details, you can now see a picture, image, or avatar for any contacts that has registered with  It’s a relatively small percentage of records that have images available at this time,and of course we are matching by email, so they will need to have registered with Gravatar using the same email that we have in our database, but the percentage of records that have an image should keep growing as Gravatar’s database grows.

Here is what it looks like when you find a record match found at

Search for “Jim Cahill” to see this record live.

Again, these are images that this person has actually chosen to be used universally as their avatar/image, and since they can choose whatever image they want, you many occasionally see a strange image, or a kitten, robot, etc.


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Download Contacts Faster

Due to an overwhelming number of requests from our users, we’ve made it easier to quickly add contacts to your CSV spreadsheet and download them.  You no longer have to view the details for each contact that you want to download.

This video walks you through the steps:

We think you’ll find it very straight forward and easy to follow.  After watching this short video, you’ll be using your points and downloading contacts in no time.

Of course you will need 1 point for each contact you want to download, so you’ll want to  read about all of the ways that you can earn points at:


Here are the basic steps to add contacts to your CSV spreadsheet and download them, so you don’t have to refer back to the video if you forget one step:

1) Log in
2) Create a list of target contacts, if you do not already have one
3) Go to your target contact list (My Stuff – Target Contacts)
4) In the far right column, click “Add to CSV” for each record you would like to add to your spreadsheet. There is also a button at the bottom: “Add all to CSV”, which you can use to add all contacts on this page of your target contacts list to your spreadsheet, if you have enough points.
5) Go to “My Stuff – Download your Spread-sheet” and click on “Export to CSV”. This will download a spreadsheet with ALL of the contacts you have EVER used points to purchase, download, or “add to CSV”.

Feedback is appreciated, let us know what you think of this new process.


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