20 Awesome Productivity Tricks Anyone Can Use

  1. Create Systems, Not Goals
  2. Make Temptations Hard to Reach
  3. Maximize Your Most Important Tasks
  4. Purposely Allow Less Time for Key Projects
  5. Stop In the Middle
  6. Chunk Housekeeping Tasks
  7. Just Say No
  8. Start Small So You Won’t Mind
  9. Build In Frequent Breaks
  10. Follow the 2-Minute Rule
  11. Actively Schedule Free Time
  12. Exercise First Thing in the Morning
  13. Eat a Healthy Lunch Every Day
  14. Drink a Lot More Water
  15. Take a Productivity Nap
  16. Make More Time For Your Favorite People
  17. Count Your Blessings Before Bed
  18. Use Your Mind for Thinking, Not Remembering
  19. Turn off Alerts
  20. Be Inspired By Small Successes

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