16 Things People Really Hate About Your Email Marketing

In case you’re wondering how effective your email marketing is going, think again. While most people enjoy receiving newsletters, others demand you take them off your list. Take a page from Hubspot to avoid people hating your next email marketing game plan with the list provided below.

1.    Emailing People Who Didn’t Opt In
2.    Making Unsubscribing Difficult
3.    Not Honoring Unsubscribes
4.    Writing a Vague Subject Line
5.    Not Indicating How We Know Each Other
6.    Speaking With Forced Sincerity
7.    Providing Irrelevant Content
8.    Bombarding Recipients With Email
9.    Sending Emails Once in a Blue Moon
10.  Including Broken Dynamic Content
11.   Not Including a Call-to-Action
12.   Sending Emails That Aren’t Mobile Optimized
13.   You’re Overdesigning Your Emails
14.   Not Optimized for Plain Text and HTML
15.   You’re Not Proofing Your Email Before Sending
16.   Not Providing a Real Address to Reply To

Additional information can be found here: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/33097/16-Things-People-Really-Hate-About-Your-Email-Marketing.aspx